An evening stroll along Vincent Way stopping at the historic cottages and telling stories about some of the people who have resided in them.   No limits here, we have any number on file (Vincent, Dempster, Back, Sullivan, Connie Pym, Armstrong, Edmund Ashworth, Mary Curtis et al.  Then, potentially, there are Governors, Warders, Racing Identities! ( Laurie Connell), Military Personnel etc. etc.

The stroll  is timed to coincide with the pre-dinner, pre sunset  “beer o’clock” along the strip when residents are sitting out on their verandas.

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Cottages 340 & 341 Vincent’s House, formally G & F
Henry VincentPDFWord
Mary CurtisPDF
Laurie ConnellPDFWord
Cottages 337, 338 & 339 Military Barracks, formally J, H & E
Edmund AshworthPDFWord
Cottage 336 The Manager’s House
Henry VincentPDFWord
Colonel KurringPDFWord
Des SullivanPDFWord
The Nurse’s Quarters (First Aid Post)
Fay SmithPDFWord
Cottages 334 & 335 Armstrong’s House, formally K2 & K1
Francis Fraser ArmstrongPDFWord
Captain BackPDFWord
Mary CurtisPDF
Connie Pym (Nee Angelo)PDFWord
Cottage 333 The Coxswain’s Quarters, formally L
Cottage 301 The Pilot’s Crew Quarters
Lomas Cottage
John LomasPDFWord